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Social Good Nigeria Post Popup Incubator Contest
About The Project

The Project

About The Social Good Nigeria Popup Incubator Project

The SocialGood Nigeria PopUp Incubator Project was designed as a capacity development program for entrepreneurs to provide an opportunity to learn business strategies and tips from different global Swedish businesses, business owners and professionals who have successfully built thriving #SocialGood focused businesses and platforms leveraging technology, in a bid to inculcate the culture of social entrepreneurship. The project also sought to improve women participation in IT, share new trends and innovations in building sustainable and scalable businesses that are globally relevant, and influence the building of development platforms, tech applications and ideas to solve social and economic problems in Nigeria. The project was also used as a platform to showcase and promote Swedish businesses and values with the hope for possible expansion interests in the Nigerian market.

The project kicked off with the 2015 Girls In ICT Day in Abuja, launched by Ambassador Svante Kilande, the Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria - the funder of the project, and had in attendance a representative of Ericsson Nigeria, Omasa Ogisi. The project went on to five other cities: JOS, UYO, OWERRI, KANO and rounded off at LAGOS. Swedish businesses/Agency showcased by the project include PeePoo, Kenya; Reach For Change, Ghana; Effritin, Nigeria; and Vinnova, Stockholm.


About The Business Model Canvas (BMC).

As the principal technical partner, the Enspire Incubator in Abuja, host to the Abuja SocialGood Hub, provided support for the project via consultations, tools, network and resources. One of the tools used in training during the course of the project is the Business Model Canvas.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model. It is a one page overview that lays out both what you do (or want to do), and how you go about doing it, enabling structured conversations around management and strategy by laying out the crucial activities and challenges involved with your initiative and how they relate to each other. This visual format is useful for both existing and new ideas, organisations and businesses. Existing programmes can develop new initiatives and identify opportunities while becoming more efficient by illustrating potential trade-offs and aligning activities. New programmes can use it to plan and work out how to make their offering real. [Ref.: Strategyzer, DIY]

Using videos, templates and discussions, based on the BMC, ideas and innovations were explored in the course of the project, and the concept of Social Entrepreneurship further promoted, which is one of our key messages and a core to the Swedish values the project sought to promote.


Contest Eligibility Criteria

CONTEST RATIONALE: With the successful activation of Popup incubators in six cities across Nigeria with support from the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria in a space of seven months, a round off contest to test assimilation and promote stellar qualities of the program has been put together. The contest aims to "tell the stories" of impressive and potentially profitable ideas and efforts emanating from Nigeria and to give a platform for exposure to such. The competition will select an outstanding business idea from the Popup Incubators and give that idea further exposure by way of the prize, which would be a short, sponsored exclusion to Sweden to observe Swedish businesses and hubs, and possible interchange of ideas to help groom and refine the winning idea. Amongst other things, the winner will get the opportunity to develop networks within the Swedish business community.

In general, it is expected that the project and contest would enable participants have an understanding of Swedish Values in business/entrepreneurship, women’s right, resources and participation. Participants also have an opportunity to develope capabilities and strengths in business ideation, planning, financial literacy, money management and communications skills.

The winning idea will be determined based on its uniqueness and potential contribution to efficient and cost saving socio-economic development in Nigeria. IDEA is used here to represent a product or a service as proposed.

CONTEST PRIZE: A single winner would be adjudged and selected for a weeklong excursion to Sweden, sponsored by Partners to observe some select Swedish businesses and tour their operational location for some real time learning aimed at helping strengthen the winner's views and proposed strategy and create a networking link as well.

Selection Criteria

  • Originality: The uniqueness of the idea and its superiority in comparison with similar or alternative ideas in the market.
  • Social impact: The ability of the idea to create or effect positive or desirable changes within the target community and beyond; ie Job creation, positive environmental impact.
  • Sustainability: This refers to the extent to which the idea can endure and keep itself alive.
  • Scalability: The extent to which the solution can be easily applied to other similar markets beyond the applicant’s immediate or local environment.
  • Marketability: The extent to which the innovation sufficiently addresses the problem it seeks to solve at a price or model that is accessible to the target market.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate, and for your entries to be considered, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have registered and participated in one of the popup incubator events held in any of the following cities: JOS, UYO, OWERRI, KANO, and LAGOS. Entries will be checked with registeration lists for all the event. Defaulting entries shall be disqualified.
  • Only one entry must be submitted per individual. No group submissions.
  • All entries must be made on the supplied business model canvas template. The template is in Powerpoint. It is to be filled and submitted in PDF.
  • All completed entries should be sent to contest@socialgood.ng not later than 22ND NOVEMBER, 2015.

Contest Timelines

  • ROUND 1 [13th - 22nd Nov. 2015] - Call For Entries

    Call for entries from event participants from the five states. Entry submissions shall stay open for 10 DAYS. Last date for submission shall be Sunday, 22nd of November, 2015. Entries shall be screened by the jury, and a winner selected per city. Only winning entries (finalists) shall be contacted for the next stage.

  • ROUND 2 [27th - 30th Nov. 2015] - Semi Final

    Winning entries from each state shall be given an opportunity to strenghten the submission. Enspire Incubator shall be on hand with helpful tips to bring the best out of the submitted ideas to make them more competible and implementable. Beefed up entries shall be re-submitted within this period for consideration by the jury. Thereafter finalists shall assemble in Abuja for the finals and be given an opportunity to defend their ideas.

  • ROUND 3 [09th - 11th Dec. 2015] - Idea Pitching Contest

    The finals shall commence with a mini bootcamp on the 9th of December, 2015 (finalist arrival day). On the 10th, finalists shall pitch their business ideas before the jury, and a winner be selected.


Download the Business Model Canvas Template.

Project Partners

About The Project Partners

The Social Good Nigeria Popup Incubator Project was sponsored by the Embassy of Sweden in Nigeria. It was implemented with technical support from the Enspire Incubator. Other Partner forming part of the Jury for the contest is Vinnova. All partners constitute the Jury, who are the decision makers for the contest winners.


To send feedback, email contest@socialgood.ng or call +2347060532629...or just use the form below.